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At MedBill,
we know doctors.

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More importantly, we know their practices.

MedBill is a leading provider of financial solutions tailored for medical practices of all sizes. Through expert consultation, solutions development, and integration, we help you expand your medical services and grow your revenue without compromising patient care.

Customizable, comprehensive financial solutions.

That’s how MedBill keeps your practice in good health.

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At Medbill, we believe doctors should be able to focus on taking care of patients without financial worry. By offering a complete array of financial services and experienced consultation, MedBill enables your practice to grow without running into revenue or management obstacles.

Our team specializes in medical billing and collections, but our clients know we do much more than submitting claims—we take full responsibility for our client’s financial well-being, from updating credentials to creating a custom e-billing system for every physician. It’s no surprise that MedBill has proven to be, as many physicians have put it, “the smartest move in their career.”

If you’re interested in finding out what MedBill can do for you and your practice, contact us today for a no-obligations consultation. See where you can go with MedBill—the financial service that does it all.

Simon Klein

CEO Medbill



Business Services



MedBill provides comprehensive credentialing services to ensure easier billing and reimbursement for physicians—all you have to do is sign the paperwork.



Our expert team negotiates optimal provider contracts with insurance companies for better reimbursement and expanded patient flow.


Incorporation Guidance

Our consulting team will guide your practice towards a successful incorporation filing to manage liability and revenue.


Billing Solutions


Customized Billing

We develop and implement custom billing systems that work alongside the standards and preferences of your practice.


Systems Integration

After developing the right billing system for your practice, we’ll ensure integration throughout your billing process for immediate use.



We establish electronic and hybrid billing systems for efficient billing and organization for your practice.


Consultation & Support


Practice Review

The MedBill team offers thorough practice review to develop plans for revenue optimization and expanded patient treatments.


Account Management

MedBill supervises your practice’s accounts to facilitate prompt payment from insurance companies and private patients to achieve proper account closure.


EHR Support

We offer real-time management and organizational support for your practice’s electronic health record system.

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